Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday was a monumental day for me.  I crossed a task off my to do list that had been there for-ev-ah! 

I cleaned out and organized my "craft room".  Woo Hoo!

I made an attempted over a year ago to convert the basement bedroom into my crafty area but only succeeded in creating a dumping zone of leftover craft supplies, unfinished projects, ideas in the making, and shopping sacks full of stuff I "knew" I could do something with sometime.  It had reached the point that the thought of going downstairs to fetch something from the room or work on a project in it made me cringe.  Obviously my creative juices where being stymied not encouraged.  So I geared up and began by taking everything out of the room and double closet, sorting it into somewhat sensible piles and tossing the real junk.  (But keeping the valuable junk, of course.)  My piles filled the pool table and the ping pong table and the small game table and the futon and the couch and spilled over onto the floor.  You get the picture of how much was packed into that room.  After two afternoons of decision making (what to toss, what to garage sale, what to keep, what was I thinking!) and letting go I now have this...

And this...
I found out that I had good intentions at one time because I already possessed all of those plastic storage containers and labels.  I was sure that the process would require a trip to the store for organizing stuff. Love it when a project is low or no cost.

I feel so much better with that job completed

But before anyone starts to think that I am an organizing genius I offer to you this evidence of how far I still have to go...

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