Thursday, October 27, 2011

What's in a name?

So why do I call this little blog MakingMeMary?  Allow me to explain.

It all started when a visiting friend commented on one of my DIY home decor projects prompting me to say, "Oh, it's just one of the things I do to amuse myself." She chuckled at my response and replied that she liked that idea.  She, too, is someone who likes to get crafty and "amuse" herself.  

As I thought back on our exchange I started thinking about that word "amuse".  What does it mean?  I looked up definitions and synonyms and found that it can mean to make one merry.  Hey, that's what I was doing for myself.  I was making myself merry.  But wait!  My endeavors are also part of what make me MARY!  So my amusements make me merry and make me Mary!  

And that is what this little blog is all about: the things that  amuse me and make me who I am.  

My desire is that it brings you a little amusement also.


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