Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here We Go!!!

The interesting thing about aging is that I have started thinking about the "proverbial" bucket list which to me is surprising because I am not a risk taker and do not consider myself adventurous.  I assumed that I would be happy living out my life in a comfortable status quo existence, happy that my boat is not rocking more than necessary.  But this past year I have found myself thinking "Will I be content in my later years knowing that I didn't take advantage of opportunities that my God had placed before me?"  

 That question motivated me to water ski again for the first time in years this past summer.  I was relaxing in our boat on the lake watching my son and husband gliding across the water behind our boat on the perfect glass like water and thought "what if I never try it again?"  Quite a few years ago I had pulled (or possibly tore) my hamstring muscle water skiing and the remote possibility of that happening again had removed any desire to get out on the skis for another go at it.  Then the Question popped up in my mind...What If....?  And lo and behold I found myself in the water, up on the skis and gliding along the glass like surface of the water, watching my husband and son cheering me on from the boat.  Later, it occurred to me that the whole bucket list idea may not be just for my satisfaction but also for the benefit of others.   

All of this is a long way of explaining why I am jumping on the Blog Wagon.  Here is an opportunity that didn't present itself until recently.  And I don't want to say I never gave it a try.  I trust that the idea is God inspired.  If it isn't then I trust that my Lord will reveal to me that I have been listening to the wrong voice.  Will I be consistent?  Will I grow weary of this endeavor quickly?  Will I realize what a big mistake this was?  I don't know but at least I can say I tried.  



  1. Just found your blog. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    1. Thanks, Steve. It's good to be here.